Safari Cat!

Hobbes as a kitten!

He is such a sweet boy! He has grown up so much. It’s hard to believe he was ever this small.   ♥  

The Latest Fashion “Must”

Look at this crazy cat… I’ve contacted Kim Kardashian…. She is putting a “Hobbes” in her next fashion line.

Hobbes: Adventures in Packaging #2

Hobbes LOVES a good box…

This is a new one…

A cat that likes his crate?!? Most cats RUN when they see the crate come out! I always find Hobbes napping and relaxing in his little house. It’s so cute.

The Green Chair

Best chair in the house!

Hobbes: Adventures in Packaging

Eat Package. Play in Package. Sleep in Package.

Hobbes Visits the Vet

Poor baby Hobbes. I just walked in the vets offices…and I think he thinks he is back at the pound. 🙁 While I was signing in, I felt all this struggling and movement inside his little pet taxi.  Poor thing. He is hiding under his blanket. It’s pitiful.

Winnie and Hobbes posing for Cute Overload.

Just chillin.