Happy Tummy!

Happy Tummy is so random… so delicious…. so simple… so fun. If you are planning a visit to Huntsville, Alabama– be sure a plan a day for walking around Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment… Don’t worry about lunch, because Happy Tummy is located inside! Click HERE to view their full Menu!  Address: 2211 Seminole Dr […]

The Switch House- my FAVORITE shop in Huntsville, Alabama!

Y’all… this shop…. I could spend ALL DAY in there!! This is my story that was on the news this morning: Monique Given is the owner of The Switch House, a cozy shop in The Lumber Yard in Huntsville’s Five Points neighborhood. The quirky shop has been around for only three years, but already feels […]

Big Spring Cafe

Chris and I finally tried Big Spring Cafe. It’s a fun hole-in-the-wall where all the waitresses call you “sweat heart” and “darling.” It was established in the 1920’s and is still the “home of the greasy burger.” Don’t visit if you are on a health kick, but it’s certainly worth it if you are craving […]

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(another) Famous Friend!

A high school friend of mine is a star! Sarah Simmons is on Season 4 of The Voice and she is going to WIN. Listen to her- SHE IS AMAZING: Click HERE to watch a clip of us talking about her on the morning show. GO SARAH! Sending love and support from Huntsville!    

Pumpkin Mania around the Tennessee Valley

(Shea’s Express Pumpkin Torte) HUNTSVILLE, AL. (WAAY-31)- Pumpkins are out in full force taking over the Tennessee Valley in creative ways. Now there are dozens of ways to get you pumpkin fix. Start your day at Olde Towne Coffee where pumpkin flavoring is spicing up lattes by the dozens. Milk is steamed, the espresso is […]