“Ice-Cream Fund” Coin Purse

From {cottonon.com} on $5

Meal Preppin’

I’m a prepper now. I’m prepping for those terrible days when I’m hAngry and have nothing to eat. Sunday was my first time preppin’! I hard-boiled eggs, sliced and diced vegetables and made some egg muffins. Pretty excited! Hope I can keep the habit going! I also went all Chocolate Covered Katie and made some […]

Just add ice-cream!

What an adorable gift idea. Creative and consumable. Lean how to make your kit HERE. Thank you TipJunkie.com

Panetone Pairing of the Day!

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Ice-Cream Cone Decorations

Materials: 2 1/2″ styrofoam balls 1 1/2 yards of lightweight cotton fabric Sewing machine or needle and thread Hot glue gun/glue Glue Scrapbook paper Cone template Polyester stuffing Ribbon Pins Learn how to make these cute decorations HERE.

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