A lost kitten, a 3-year-old and a kind heart.

What’s cuter than a kitten? How about a 3-year-old holding a kitten? Now… (wait for it)…. how about a good-Samaritan-3-year-old holding a rescued kitten that was just minutes away from dying in a parking lot from heat stroke? (aside) Sometimes I come across moments like this that are so sweet, and so heartwarming, that I […]

Hobbes as a kitten!

He is such a sweet boy! He has grown up so much. It’s hard to believe he was ever this small.   ♥  

Hobbes: Adventures in Packaging

Eat Package. Play in Package. Sleep in Package.

Hobbes Visits the Vet

Poor baby Hobbes. I just walked in the vets offices…and I think he thinks he is back at the pound. 🙁 While I was signing in, I felt all this struggling and movement inside his little pet taxi.  Poor thing. He is hiding under his blanket. It’s pitiful.

Kitten on my Shoulder!

Hobbes likes to watch me post on DrLill.com!