July BirchBox

This is by far the cutest thing in my BirchBox this month! This theBalm blush sample looks like a miniature magazine. Have you signed up yet? $10 a month for really fun beauty product samples. Click HERE.

Mini-Mouse House!

Picture from Apartment Therapy ♥

Miniature Norway

I love THIS collection of miniature villages! You must check them all out. Very well done. ♥

Make mini-pies in a cupcake pan…

How adorable.   Learn how to make your pies HERE. ♥

Mini Peeps!

  Love this… See more miniatures HERE.

Mini Product Attack!

  It was the attack of the miniature products in the checkout line a Wal-Mart!! These all appeal to me…  


Snails are so cute… ♥

My Doll House (The Kids Room)

Click on the Doll House picture above to be directed to more pictures of my Doll House! 🙂

My Doll House!! (#1-The Play Room)

I’ve given new life to my doll house! It’s certainly not a professional/serious doll house like the pros decorate…. but it’s unique and different. I call it a “Borrowers” house! There is a little bit of everything in this tiny home. Many of the decorations come from things around my house like: old jewelry, game […]