Gameday in Style!

Lots of people have been asking where I got my Colonel Reb t-shit!  I found mine at the “Under the Christmas Tree” event in Huntsville… But, because I love you guys, I got the lady’s card and all her information! You can find her complete collection at!  ..they are ALL so cute! Go get […]

Ole Miss Compass Bowl

A fun weekend with friends and family! So happy Ole Miss has such a promising future in football! Hotty Toddy! (Yes, it was freezing) We can tailgate anytime….anywhere!!! Lol. Take one- Melanie got distracted…. Take two! I think my silly gloves brought us good luck!?! …two Ross’! (Don’t ask how we got this sign..)

One Eared Armadillo

  The cutest place to buy collegiate jewelry! This pair of earrings was waiting for me when I got to work this morning. Check out ONE EARED ARMADILLO HERE. (psst… they have lots of Bama Jewelry!)  

Spirit Fingerz!!!

Got some Ole Miss Spirit Fingerz! They will come in “handy” one day! 😉 You can order your spirit fingers from this little shop in North Carolina.


I have exciting news! Chris and I got engaged on April 1’st! The way Delta Gamma does candlelights at Ole Miss is probably not that different from other sororities. The bride keeps the fact that she is engaged a secret. The next time the sorority is together, a pretty candle is passed around while we sing this song: Anticipation […]

Revised Laundry List of Modern Student

Dorm life, debit cards, classes, meal plans and laundry are only a few responsibilities living on the checklist of topics to discuss before freshman college students embark on their new lives. Ms. Mary Knight, working at the Fluff and Fold in Martin and Stockard at The University of Mississippi, makes college life easier by doing […]