Enjoy Summer!

    Be sure and really take a moment to ENJOY SUMMER! (especially before all those awful back-to-school commercials start back. Ugh. Hate those and I’m an adult without any children. They still make me sad.) ♥ Love this image from Lovely Indeed.com ♥

MONICA RAMOS – Comfort Foods

Monica Ramos is a fabulous illustrator who makes me very happy! Her work reminds me of my young imagination.  While eating my Cheerios in the morning,  I would image the little circles of wheat were tiny pool floats. And waffles reminded me of little hot tubs filled with syrup. When I saw Ms. Ramos’ illustrations,  […]

HaPpY sUmMeR Y’all!

♥ I love these prints by Jena Ardell. Buy yours HERE.

Elephant Crashes Pool Pary

I love this video. I’m showing it on the morning show… This is just too funny!

Cool Pools!

Missing the pool? Check out these awesome pools!! ♥