A lost kitten, a 3-year-old and a kind heart.

What’s cuter than a kitten? How about a 3-year-old holding a kitten? Now… (wait for it)…. how about a good-Samaritan-3-year-old holding a rescued kitten that was just minutes away from dying in a parking lot from heat stroke? (aside) Sometimes I come across moments like this that are so sweet, and so heartwarming, that I […]

Rescue a Dog! (Don’t buy one)

Thinking about getting a dog? Consider adopting a shelter dog. There is no better feeling than saving an animal in need…. and making a new best friend! Heart set on a specific breed? There are  breed specific rescue services for just about every kind of dog! Yorkie Rescue Greyhound Rescue   Beagle Rescue Lab Rescue Golden Retriever Rescue  Pomeranian Rescue  […]